Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thanks Mom

My doctor's appoinment this week: Everything is still looking good. I wish I could keep that good feeling for longer than I do.

My mom came with me this time. She had to leave work to do it. I was so glad, because I was very tense this visit. As we were walking down the hallway to check in, my mom asked if I had cash, in order to pay the co-pay. I said, I don't get charged. She was puzzled, we have the same insurance company she knows how it works. I saw her look and said, "I know, I don't get it either, but they have never asked for it. My sick sense of humor thinks, maybe when your baby dies, they give you the next one as a freebie"

My mom laughed. I am so glad she gets my sarcastic sense of humor.


Monica said...

I go to EVERY one of my appts. this time with my mom and DH. I think it makes the staff take me more seriously. We joke about getting them rhinestone jackets with my name on them and referring to them as my entourage. I only pay one 20$ co pay and the rest of the visits are free. Except the delivery is about $700. I loved getting the bill for Jimmy's delivery in the mail. Hey, I'm all for having a sense of humor. If you don't, life is just too damn cruel to handle. I'm also elated to know that everything is looking good.

niobe said...

I must have a sick sense of humor too, because I practically choked on my soda.

Monica said...

I wish that were the case. You lose a baby and everything else is free. We got charged every visit (weekly) $35 plus we had to pay about $8oo for the cerclage that didn't work, than hundreds more for both deliveries. However I never had morning sickness. I felt God knew I had far too much to deal with than to let me be sick. I know it's a little wierd but I still believe that is true.