Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Being prepared

I am very prepared to answer the "Do you have any kids?" question. I have come up with some stock answers that work well for me. All of my answers include M in some way. I don't generally give details, just keep it short.

However, I am not prepared to answer "Is this your first baby?" I guess I hadn't even thought about that yet since I am not that far along. But the other day, while in the lab to take some normal prenatal blood tests, the lab technician asked me. She asked me with a big smile on her face. I forget sometimes that pregnancy means something else entirely to most people. My mind raced for a moment, I was thinking, how do I answer this? I ended up just saying, "no, it's my second" I figured if the questions continued than I would answer those. But she just smiled and moved on to other topics.

I guess it is a good thing this happened. It has gotten me thinking I do need to plan my answer since I am sure I will be asked this again. I am just not sure what answer is best. If I say no, its my second and then continue to let them know my first is dead, then I have almost said too much. But if I simply answer, "its my second" and then they inquire after my first, that seems odd too. This question seems much tougher than, "Do you have any kids?" Especially if they are always going to ask with a big smile on their face like she did.

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Carole said...

This is a tough one for me as well. It seems no matter how prepared I am...I still get knocked to the ground when it's asked in a different way. Like the lab tech did. 10 months into it...and I'm not better at it. I seem to feel guilty either way I go.

Sending you lots of warm wishes...