Friday, June 13, 2008

Better than a dozen

My apologies to CLC who gave me a Pink Rose Award many days ago. I have been very busy. I can't complain about it, because we all know why I have been busy. Seriously, I have tons of admiration for working out the home full time moms. I work half time, and can't find time for anything. Of course, baby girl A has decided she believes in religion and apparently this religion practices a late bedtime. I don't know, perhaps she is afraid God's wrath will befall her should she fall asleep before 10 pm. I hear other mom's of living children mention they get things done after their kids are in bed. Mmmmm...this is what I get done when baby girl A is in bed.....ZZZZZZZZZ.

Anyhow, I am so deeply honored that CLC awarded me this. Because the length of time it took me to respond, I am not officially passing this on to someone else, but would like to volley it back to CLC. She is still fairly new on this road. She writes with grace and honesty about her emotions. I am not at all exaggerating when I say I read her posts and swear I could have written the same thing at that time in my grief. Seriously, in a weird way, she speaks for me, no joke. Her most recent post struck me in a hundred ways. I am so glad she reads my blog, because I know it must sometimes be hard to read about those of us with subsequent children. I admire her, because at many points in my grief I would look at those with living children, and just think that it was nice it could happen to them, but it might not happen for me.
Thank you again, CLC. I wish you peace in this journey, or at least as much peace as people like us can expect.

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CLC said...

Thanks for the kind words Ms. G. Like I said, you were one of the first blogs I found and you give me hope, so thank you.