Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I woke up so grouchy today. Here are my reasons:

*It is way to bright in the morning now.
*We are still having 80 degree weather (come on! Its Nov.!)
*My house is a disorganized mess
*My family is driving me nutty lately
*Our money situation is tight right now.
*I am utterly exhausted from the constant checking to see if my baby is still alive

It's the last one that struck me this morning hard. I go to bed worrying about her making it through the night. I wake up in the night and must check on her. When I wake in the morning, the first thing I do is make her move or use my doppler. It is tiring. I find myself having trouble focusing sometimes, when people are talking to me, because instead of listening to them, I am waiting for the next kick. It makes me grumpy that this is my life, my reality. I hear others talk about pregnancy, and it is like we live on different planets. I stare in wonder, can I ever fit in with the natives again?

I thought of the perfect maternity shirt for me. None of that cutesy, "due in Dec!", "Coming this fall!" "BABY!!" crap for me. No, no, my shirt would say:

*Disclaimer: Any resemblance to a normal, sane, rational, happy, excited, or otherwise merrily expectant mother is purely coincidental.

Thanks for listening to my grumps this morning.


Julia said...

Brilliant shirt. I think you might be able to make some dough with that. I fully anticipate needing one of those if I can ever get to the visibly knocked up stage again. Actually, I think I will need a few seeing as I am a klutz and will be dropping food all over the shirt.

In an unrelated development, I had to go through orientation for my new job which included HIPPA training (irrelevant to my job, but I still had to sit through it), and I can tell you now that I am pretty sure the sticker thing is illegal. It's against the law to expose any patient information. That sticker thing had the potential to release what sounds like a very private part of your medical history to anyone walking by. Also, the hospital is supposed to have someone who is in charge of their compliance with HIPPA. If you want to pursue it, you can go to that person with the complaint, and I bet you that will be the last you ever see of the stupid sticker.

Catherine said...

Sign me up for one of your shirts. :o)

Monica H said...

I need a shirt like that!

Beruriah said...

Nice shirt idea.

I cannot stand those other examples.

Tricia said...

I would have bought that shirt!!!