Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thank you and other stuff

I have to thank Monica and Niobe for their advice on some basic blogging. I tried to link to them in my thank you, but got an error message. I am going to go ahead and post this, and work on that skill later.

So for some news from my life. My work has many different branches across the city. At any given time, due to budget issues, you will find yourself working at a different branch. Which means a new boss, new co-workers, and once again having to "talk baby". Yesterday was my first day at my new branch. I did okay, I think. Nobody there seems like the "baby crazy" (you know what I mean) type. It was just basic questions without the squeal of excitment. That I can handle. Sometimes. Later, though, while discussing things with my new boss in her office, she was pressuring me to turn in paperwork for my pregnancy leave. No, not ready to do that. I am a mere 21 weeks. I cannot yet think about "when the baby comes" and start planning my leave time. She kept trying to pin me down, when would I want to start leave, how long, etc. I don't know! I had a lot of plans last time and ended up just taking the standard 6 week time. I am not ready to plan for this. At one point, I dropped into the conversation that I didn't legally have to notify anyone yet. That didn't seem to stop her though. I know why she wants me to do this. It is because at my work we also have substitutes who will come around to any branch who is missing someone and fill in. So in her mind, it makes sense to let the person who schedules the substitutes know about it. But I don't care, I can't go there yet. Can't we wait till October at least? Heck, I am not due till next year, technically.

And it other news, my sister-in -law bought baby girl something. She gave it to Mr. G when I wasn't there, thank goodness. I am not sure I would have been able to keep the "What the hell are you doing?" look out of my face. I know in another post I said I would start buying stuff at 17 weeks, well, I lied, okay? I just can't do it yet. Plus, (here is my excuse) I really need to clean this house up a bit before I start bringing more stuff in here. That's my story and I am sticking to it.


Monica said...

Uggh, I don't like your new boss! A friend got me a gift the other day and I refused to take it out of the bag. I've told everyone at work that I don't want a shower or any gifts until AFTER the baby. I can shop myself for the baby if the mood strikes, but only days when I have a lot of hope. But I cannot handle getting gifts from others for the baby. So far, this is the only person who has done it. Bless her heart, I know she meant well.

niobe said...

Does your new boss know about your history? I guess you might not want to reveal details, but unless she's a real jerk, you'd think she'd understand if she knew the general outline.

Billy said...

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