Sunday, August 26, 2007

Can somebody help me?

Ummm....okay, I am hanging my head shamefully here....I know nothing about blogging. I need some help. I would really like to link to some of the other wonderful and well written blogs I read, but I don't know how. I pretty much don't know how to do anything on this but post. Any good resources for learning? I know blogger has a help section, but was just wondering what you would suggest for learning the ins and outs. The really sad part is once for a class assignment, we had to post on the teacher's blog, and had to add links and pictures in the post, and I honestly don't remember how!

And just for a quick pregnancy update-my little girl is a stinker! Some days, she moves all day long, off and on, just reassuring her mother, and then she has a day of hours of nothing, which I am sure you understand sends me into panic. At 21 weeks, I know I shouldn't expect much, it is just that when she moves, she moves! So the quiet times (hours) are hard to understand in my stressed mind. Really, she just needs to give her mother a good hard kick every so often, is that so hard?


Monica said...

HA! You're so cute and isn't it so dang hard to admit not knowing something. I bet you are the one in class who has balls to ask the question everyone is wanting to ask! I use crappy typ.epad, so I really can't help you. But in typepad there is a control panel option and there is a button called "typelists" and it lets you put in the URL addresses of blogs you want to link to. I think Niobe's on and she's got a blogroll to the moon and back so she'd definitely know.

Monica said...

Hi Ms. G,

I hope I can help. I'm new to the blogging world, but I've played around with it enough to get the hang of it.

1)make sure you're signed in

2)view blog page

3)click on "Customize" (top right)

4)scroll down to "Add a Page Element" a page will pop up titled "Choose a New Page Element"

5) find "Link List" and click to "Add to Blog"

6)"Title" is what you want to title this portion of you blog (ex: Blogs I read, etc.)

7)"New Site URL" is the website of the blog you wish to add (ex:

8)"New Site Name" is the title of the blog you wish to add (ex: STILL HOPEFUL)

9)you can keep adding as many as you want and you can edit them from this page as well, if you misspelled something or if you wish to remove them from your frequently viewed list. Once you've added this portion to your blog you can access it from your blog page by clicking on the little tools that are in the right hand corner.

10)click "Save Changes" and you're done. Let me know if I can help you any further :)

Happy blogging to you!

niobe said...

Looks like people got here before me with helpful hints. Here are a couple more:

1. To add a link within a post, say to your own blog, type this:

[a href=""]words you want to show up in text[/a]

Just use the cite to the website you want to link to and replace [ with < and the ] with >

2. to add a picture, when you're writing a new post click on the picture icon and insert the location of the picture (either where it can be found on your computer or, if you're using a photosharing site, the link to the photo on the photosharing cite)

3. to add a video, go to the place you found the video (say, youtube) and copy the embed code next to the video and paste it into your post. It will look like this:
[object width="425" height="350"][param name="movie" value=""][/param][param name="wmode" value="transparent"][/param][embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"][/embed][/object]

Though of course with < and > instead of [ and ]