Friday, July 6, 2007

Small things that still hurt

I went to the beach with Mr. G the other day. He wanted to surf, I wanted to sit and read. On our way down there, he got a phone call from a friend of his and his wife. They were at a friends party, but thinking of heading towards the beach. Hubby and friend made plans to meet up. Which meant I would be sitting on the beach with wife. No problem, we are not really friends, but we get along okay.

As we sat there on the beach together, I was trying to make conversation with wife. I asked how their friend's party was. She started to tell me, including how many children were there. This friend of hubby and his wife are a few years younger than Mr. G and I. She says, "Its weird, the past year or so, it seems like there are just more and more kids everytime we attend something. Everyone is having a kid now."

Ouch. I know she didn't realize. We are not really close enough with this couple for her to realize. I spent the rest of the evening thinking about how M should be there, playing in the sand and water.


Monica said...

Hi Mrs. G. My name is Monica. I just found your blog from dead baby jokes (Niobe's blog). I'm excited for you that you are pregnant, but sad to hear about your losses. I lost my first son, James Travis at 40 w 3 days to a cord accident (and some other "stuff" too). I'm also pregnant and due at the end of September (actually Oct. 12, but they are inducing at 38 weeks). REading your blog is like looking in the mirror. We both want to believe in this pregnancy, but it is so hard when all you have known is loss. I look forward to reading more of your blog and if you like, you can check mine out. It is at

Carole said...

It's always those small things that get me...I never seem to see them coming. Thinking of you...