Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I need to whine

Forgive me, this will be a whiny post.

I am tired. Tired, tired, tired. Tired of overanalyzing and overexamining every little thing I do or don't do, in regards to harming the baby. When I say every little thing, I mean it. I stood up too fast, I drank too much K.ool A.id and not enough water today, I am eating too many french fries, I rubbed my eye before washing my hands, I strain too much on the toilet, I let myself get too hot, and shall I go on?

I miss being normal.

So I just needed to complain for a minute.

So I did. Now I will finish with that because I should just be grateful that baby girl is fine and healthy and growing right? Quit thinking about the affect on me. Selfish, selfish. Plus, I don't want to scare anyone who may be reading this contemplating a subsequent pregnancy. Too late, probably, they are seeing how nutty you get and are re-thinking their options.

On that note, and because I really don't want anyone to think I get no enjoyment out of this pregnancy I will share this tidbit. Baby girl kicked me quite hard and with a certain sassiness while I was standing at the sink doing dishes yesterday. Hmmmm....me thinks I have a girl after my own heart, hates housework too! This may be a problem in the teenage years, but now, the thought made me laugh. I take those funny thoughts and laughs where I can get them.

And on my doppler update, I am mainly looking at two brands, b.abycom and b.abybeat. The b.abycom appealed to me becaues of price to purchase and its claim to be made for home use, however, two of the places to purchase had none in stock. So I am also looking at my rental options. The other brands are very expensive to purchase.


Monica said...

Ha, baby girl has a sense of humor!!! Too cute! I know what you mean about worrying about everything. Every time I get out of bed I worry if I am getting Critter tangled up in his cord.

I suggest renting the doppler since it is cheaper and you can get a higher quality model.

Catherine said...

Complain away! I'm right there with ya!

I got my babycom doppler at healthchecksystems.com and it has been great. :o)

Beruriah said...

Me too. And yeah, you can complain. I feel bad sometimes too for the misery that comes across on my blog, but I don't it'll stop anyone from trying.

It sucks!

But I'm glad baby girl is showing herself. I love the kicks too.