Friday, May 4, 2007

Well, I am here

I started a blog before, but I always ended up with some kind of writer's block whenever I tried to post. I'm trying again, in more ways than one.

I am ms. G. I lost my son at 34 weeks in December 2005, followed by a miscarriage in the fall of 2006. I just found out I am pregnant again. I am a mess. I am 5 weeks today. I have had about 10 dead baby dreams already.

I have read a lot of other blogs, and so many people write so well. They seem to capture feelings just right. I don't think I write well. I actually read a posting by someone on another blog, she was thinking of quitting blogging because she had gotten comments on her posts about her bad writing and worse spelling. Can you imagine? I think that is rude. Even us bad spellers and writers need to a place to let it out. So, if you end up feeling this way about any of my posts, please don't tell me. Just don't read my blog. Thank you.

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